2005-2006 NYCHSAA Swimming-Diving


Date Meet Results
11/14/2005 Xavier -vs- Fordham Prep Yes
11/15/2005 Iona Prep -vs- Molloy Yes
11/17/2005 Fordham Prep -vs- Iona Prep  
11/22/2005 Relay Carnival Yes
11/26/2005 Xaverian -vs- Farrell Yes
11/27/2005 Xavier -vs- Farrell Yes
11/29/2005 Molloy -vs- St. Mary's  
11/30/2005 St. Dominic's -vs- Chaminade Yes
12/1/2005 St. John's Prep -vs- St. Francis  
12/1/2005 Kellenberg -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
12/3/2005 St. John's Prep -vs- St. Peter's Yes
12/4/2005 St. Dominic's -vs- St. Anthony's Yes
12/4/2005 St. Peter's -vs- Farrell Yes
12/5/2005 St. Francis Prep -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
12/6/2005 St. Anthony's -vs- Molloy Yes
12/6/2005 Xaverian -vs- Iona Prep Yes
12/7/2005 Kellenberg -vs- Fordham Prep  
12/8/2005 St. Francis Prep -vs- Chaminade Yes
12/9/2005 St. Anthony's -vs- St. John the Baptist Yes
12/10/2005 Chaminade -vs- St. Peter's Yes
12/10/2005 Xavier -vs- Xaverian Yes
12/11/2005 St. Anthony's -vs- Farrell Yes
12/12/2005 St. John's Prep -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
12/13/2005 Chaminade -vs- Kellenberg Yes
12/13/2005 Iona Prep -vs- St. Mary's  
12/15/2005 St. John's Prep -vs- St. John the Baptist  
12/15/2005 Fordham Prep -vs- St. Francis  
12/15/2005 St. Mary's -vs- Holy Trinity  
12/16/2005 St. Mary's -vs- Chaminade Yes
12/17/2005 Farrell -vs- St. Francis  
12/17/2005 Xaverian -vs- St. John the Baptist Yes
12/19/2005 St. Anthony's -vs- Fordham Prep Yes
12/20/2005 St. John's Prep -vs- Iona Prep  
12/22/2005 St. John the Baptist -vs- St. Mary's  
12/23/2005 St. Dominic's -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
1/3/2006 Invitational Meet  
1/3/2006 Xavier -vs- Iona Prep  
1/5/2006 Fordham Prep -vs- Molloy Yes
1/5/2006 St. Dominic's -vs- St. Mary's Yes
1/7/2006 Kellenberg -vs- Farrell Yes
1/8/2006 St. Francis Prep -vs- St. Peter's Yes
1/9/2006 Xaverian -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
1/10/2006 Farrell -vs- Fordham Prep Yes
1/10/2006 Kellenberg -vs- St. Francis  
1/11/2006 Molloy -vs- Chaminade Yes
1/12/2006 Xaverian -vs- St. John's Prep  
1/13/2006 St. Dominic's -vs- St. John the Baptist Yes
1/13/2006 St. Anthony's -vs- Chaminade Yes
1/13/2006 St. John the Baptist -vs- Kellenberg Yes
1/13/2006 Iona Prep -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
1/14/2006 Molloy -vs- St. Peter's Yes
1/14/2006 St. Mary's -vs- Xaverian Yes
1/17/2006 St. Anthony's -vs- Kellenberg Yes
1/17/2006 Farrell -vs- Molloy Yes
1/18/2006 St. Dominic's -vs- Iona Prep  
1/19/2006 St. John's Prep -vs- St. Mary's  
1/20/2006 Molloy -vs- Kellenberg  
1/20/2006 St. John the Baptist -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
1/21/2006 Chaminade -vs- Farrell Yes
1/22/2006 St. Peter's -vs- Fordham Prep Yes
1/26/2006 Fordham Prep -vs- Chaminade Yes
1/26/2006 St. Francis Prep -vs- Molloy Yes
1/27/2006 St. Peter's -vs- Kellenberg Yes
1/28/2006 St. Dominic's -vs- Xaverian Yes
1/28/2006 St. Francis Prep -vs- St. Anthony's Yes
1/29/2006 St. Anthony's -vs- St. Peter's Yes
1/30/2006 Xavier -vs- Holy Trinity Yes
1/31/2006 St. John the Baptist -vs- Iona Prep Yes
2/3/2006 St. John the Baptist -vs- Xavier  
2/4/2006 "B" Championships Yes
2/10/2006 Diving Championships  
2/11/2006 "A" Trials Yes
2/12/2006 "A" Championships Yes
03/02-03/04/06 State Championships  
- Xavier -vs- St. John's Prep  
- St. Dominic's -vs- St. John's Prep Yes
- Xavier -vs- St. Mary's  
- St. Peter's -vs- Xaverian Yes
- St. Dominic's -vs- Xavier